Technology Center

2441 Constitution Drive
Livermore, CA 94551

Product Design Center

365 North Canyons Pkwy, Ste. 201
Livermore, CA 94551

About Us



Who We Are and Why We Exist

The National Food Lab (The NFL) is a consulting and testing firm providing creative, practical and science-based insights to solve food safety, quality, and product and process development challenges for food and beverage companies.  We create value for our clients by enabling them to safely develop, commercialize, grow and protect their brand portfolio.

Our History

We got our start in 1976 in Berkeley, CA as the Technical Service Corporation (Tech S).  In 1985, we were renamed The National Food Laboratory, Inc. and relocated to Dublin, CA.  The Dublin facility was the research and development headquarters of the Foremost-McKesson Corporation, and this proved to be a great location for our company.

In the summer of 2008, as a result of significant growth and an expansion of our services, we moved just six miles down the road to Livermore, CA.  With beautiful views of the nearby vineyards, The NFL houses its business in two state-of-the-art facilities – a Technology Center and a Product Design Center.  Each location serves as a Center of Excellence for the different facets of work that we perform to bring our clients a breadth and depth of solutions across the entire product development continuum and lifecycle.

In March, 2010, The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) sold The NFL to Safe Foods International Holdings, LLC (SFIH), a group of notable, individual investors who have a passion for enabling and managing the development of safe food, an important issue the food industry faces as it becomes more global.  The SFIH acquisition provides The NFL with an engine to accelerate growth while maintaining the strong links we’ve always had with our clients and partners over the decades.  

Who We Serve

Often referred to as a “Secret Weapon” by our clients, we’re proud to provide services to a range of consumer packaged goods and private label manufacturers, restaurant chains, retailers, ingredient and packaging suppliers, and equipment manufacturers.

What We Offer

For over 35 years, our Product Design and Product Integrity services have provided solutions to hundreds of clients in the food and beverage businesses.   Our unique offer consists of the following elements:

• Expertise:  Breadth (cross-category) and Depth (subject matter experts) from formulation and processing through all consulting and testing services

• Integrated Approach:  Holistic solutions to innovate, develop and protect products and brands

• Flexibility:  Ability to customize approaches and modify them as knowledge is gained and as projects progress

• Project Management:  Seamless coordination and focused point of contact

• Speed to Market:  Team focus, dedication,  and holistic approach accelerates results

As a trusted partner, The NFL can extend your Research and Development reach by delivering integrated, creative, practical and science-based consulting and testing services that focus on the development of commercially safe, high quality and great tasting foods and beverages.  We believe this is captured in our tagline “where art meets science,” which truly describes the work we do, combining creativity with technical excellence.

When you visit The NFL, we hope that you find an atmosphere of enthusiasm and creativity; a place where we like to have some fun when we work at the serious business of developing and testing a new product, commercializing a process, or developing food safety and food quality strategies.  Come on by and we’ll show you around.