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2012: Reflections and the Year in Review

I’m now a firm believer in what I heard growing up – that time seems to accelerate as one gets older.  It’s amazing that 2012 is behind us and another year has begun.  Where does the time go?

Reflecting for a moment, 2012 was a year of growth, change and investment for The National Food Laboratory.  We’re very proud of what we accomplished and how those accomplishments build on the foundation we’ve established for bringing more services, insights, and value to our clients.  In the spirit of keeping all informed, and for those who weren’t aware, here’s a list of some of the exciting events of 2012:

  • For the first time in several years, The NFL embarked on a formal strategic business assessment.  Based on input from several stakeholders, including many of our clients, we developed a short and longer-term roadmap for the business, and adjusted key messaging for the company.  When considering our heritage and the breadth and depth of our service offer, we’re one of the few firms that enable clients to safely develop, test, commercialize, grow and protect their brand portfolio.
  • The NFL became ISO 17025 accredited in 2012 for both microbiological and chemical testing, thus confirming we have the processes in place to aid our clients with their testing needs, including those anticipated by FSMA regulations.
  • The NFL also bolstered our team of subject matter experts with strategic personnel hires in 2012; specifically and most notably:  1) a PhD process engineer bringing expertise in the HPP realm; 2) a former global innovation leader from one of the world’s most admired beverage brands; and 3) a pesticide residue chemist with method development/validation and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) credentials.


A busy and productive year, to say the least.  To all of the clients we had the pleasure to work with in 2012…thank you for those opportunities!  To those we have not had the chance to meet or work with…we invite you to visit us and contact us so that we can share our expertise and philosophies to help you solve your food safety, quality and product and process development challenges.

Kevin Waters