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Consumer Research on Food and Beverages

One of the most important factors in making innovative concepts successful is understanding consumer reactions to the products and concepts throughout the development process. At The NFL, we have a broad range of consumer research services that help you obtain insights on concepts and prototypes at any stage along the way. We get closer to consumers through creative test designs that combine techniques – not only providing strong quantitative analytical capabilities, but also qualitative approaches that help you look beyond the numbers to identify the concepts that best fit the white space or to provide sharp guidance for development. Since we do not use a template-driven approach, our testing is perfectly tailored to your specific project needs.

Focus Groups, Online Research, Screening and Testing

With our niche in pre-recruited studies and an extensive consumer database, we provide the expertise and facilities for everything from focus groups, online research, guidance tests, local, national and global central location tests (CLTs) and in-home use tests (IHUTs) with complete screening, test administration and full data analysis and reporting. We also conduct concept/product testing, ethnographies, and consumer co-creation sessions. One of our renowned areas of expertise is the testing of products that require a high degree of preparation with attention to detail and test protocols. Our goal is to leverage our 35+ years of experience in researching a wealth of categories and consumers to design and manage the studies that provide insightful quality information to deliver sound decisions.

We have versatile and complete consumer testing and kitchen facilities which include:

  • Auditorium to accommodate 25+ consumers at a time
  • 14 individual testing booths
  • Focus group facility
  • Client office and focus group observation areas
  • 4 test kitchens
  • Walk-in refrigerators and freezers
  • Data center in-house with direct data entry capabilities
  • 23’ stainless steel hood area
  • Roll in/roll out design for residential and commercial equipment

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Consumer Focus Groups and Research Includes:

  • Central Location Tests (CLTs) – San Francisco Bay Area, national sites, global network
  • Concept/Product Tests
  • Guidance Tests
  • In-Home Use Tests (IHUTs)
  • Focus Groups
  • Online Research
  • Ethnographies
  • Consumer Discovery and Co-Creation Sessions
  • Product Landscape ®

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