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Innovation kitchen

Culinary Services

“Innovation” is the hot topic of the food industry at the moment. There are many different approaches to creating new innovative concepts and products. What makes our approach different at The NFL is that we emphasize the commercial value of ideas. Not only do we create ideas that address the needs of consumers, but we also consider, even at the early ideation stage, the commercial ramifications of those ideas, whether they be product development, scale-up, or manufacturing concerns. We call this “commercially-driven innovation”, a cornerstone to everything we do here. With our holistic approach and our rich resource of specialists throughout the organization, we get our clients to market faster with products that actually work.

Our people are the engine for innovation, using their knowledge and experience to experiment with new possibilities, all with a commercially-viable finished product in mind. The goal is to seamlessly integrate our wide range of services into the innovation process to bring your new product strategies and concepts to life. Nowhere else will you find such a unique combination of integrated services, all focused on supporting your innovation efforts.


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