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The NFL’s Product Design Team put its “one-stop shop” approach in action with the Rapid Design Process (RDP), a proprietary accelerated process executed for your product or brand.  The RDP enables you to more rapidly uncover consumer needs and create concept/product bundles that best fulfill those needs at a very early stage of development.  In conjunction with our expert partners, The NFL develops a creative and focused environment to co-create concepts, products and packages with consumers over a short 3-4-day timeframe.  Our intensive, fast-paced workshop-type atmosphere involving both The NFL’s and your cross-functional teams breaks down the barriers to effective innovation by involving each stakeholder in the process from beginning to end.  The result is consumer-guided preliminary concepts, products and package elements ready for further evaluation and testing months earlier than the traditional innovation timeline.

The process provides an integrated platform for quickly creating and screening with consumers a wide variety of food models within a pre-determined “sandbox” of interest, directing the energies of our team on the path of greatest appeal to consumers.  It also shows us what paths to abandon early on as well, which is equally as important.  Unlike most co-creation processes, which tend to produce many ideas or concepts, the RDP takes early-phase development to a whole different level by bringing actual food models or culinary protocepts into the process for consumers to experience first-hand and also by framing the output in terms of commercial viability. The output from the process is easily translated within The NFL or at your shop to the next stages of consumer testing, product development, and commercial feasibility assessment, reducing time to market.

The NFL’s Rapid Design Process is:

  • Holistic – The process enables you to explore the concept, product and package elements in concert in real time, striving to find the best fit.
  • Consumer-guided – The NFL’s Consumer Research group pre-recruits targeted creative consumers to give us feedback every step of the way.
  • Iterative – A cross-functional team modifies the concepts and products throughout the process with consumer guidance.  The process also works well for optimization of product attributes at later stages of development.
  • Accelerated – We can go from idea building to designing and refining the product in as little as three days!
  • Culinary-driven – The NFL chefs and chef-partners participate in pumping up the unique, enticing qualities of the food to garner consumers’ interest and excitement, and to show consumers where the concept can go.
  • Commercially-oriented – The NFL can involve product developers and commercialization experts on the team to provide perspective on commercial viability that helps to set boundaries, provide recommendations on product design, and determine next steps to bring the concept to reality.


  • Brings food prototyping earlier into development process
  • Helps to more quickly identify consumer-driven product development direction
  • Flexibility of process enables real-time optimization
  • Provides more confidence of the concept-product idea fit
  • Brings together early-phase concept, product, and package development workflows
  • Leverages and focuses The NFL’s and your cross-functional team
  • Compresses development time

The NFL’s Rapid Design Team consists of:

  • A highly-experienced Moderator and Graphic Recorder Team who stimulate creative thinking and drive process from start to finish
  • An over-arching Project Manager who ensures that the process and logistics flow smoothly between all of the activities and teams
  • A Chef/Product Developer Team who prepares an ingredient “tool kit” ahead of session and creates protocepts for qualitative research
  • A seasoned Marketing Team who supports concept writing and provides strategic insight
  • A Packaging Team that identifies package forms and graphic elements to expose to consumers
  • A Consumer Research Team who recruits target creative consumers to participate in the sessions and oversees execution of consumer sessions
  • Food Quality, Food Safety and Commercialization experts who evaluate the commercial viability of concepts


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