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food sensory analysis and panel testing services

Food Sensory Analysis and Panel Testing Services

Food and Beverage Taste, Smell, Appearance and Texture Comparisons

The NFL is among the industry’s leading experts in all types of objective sensory evaluation, using highly trained panelists the most rigorous quantitative research and reporting procedures to compare and document the taste, smell, appearance or texture of a food, beverage or non-food products. Our 30+ panelists each have over six months of training and years of experience to offer the strong guidance you need for product development, optimization, quality assurance or reformulation. From quantitative descriptive and consensus panels, to quality control audits, difference testing and panel training, we work with you as a partner to ensure your success.

Our Sensory Analysis Services for Food and Beverages:

  • Descriptive Analysis
  • Consensus Panel
  • Discrimination Testing
  • Product Landscape®


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