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Food and Beverage Manufacturing Start Up Support

The NFL provides food and beverage manufacturers with a one-stop shop of integrated product design and product integrity services to significantly improve the likelihood of new product success, reduce time-to-market, reinvigorate in-market products, and 
protect brands. We are experts in developing new foods and beverages, and are interested to hear about your needs. To find out more about how we can help you, follow the process below. We look forward to working with you on your new venture!

Please carefully read the following and acknowledge you have done so before applying. Any information provided to The NFL is used for purposes of determining fit of our consulting services. All information will be kept confidential.


  1. Read this page and submit the online application.
  2. The NFL will contact you to let you know if we’re a good fit for your needs.
  3. Assuming fit, The NFL will set up a one-hour consultation session with up to two of our experts in this application in order to understand your needs in more detail and to offer guidance and approaches for reaching your objectives. Our expectation is that by the end of the hour, we would both have a clear understanding of what are the most important steps to focus on so that we may write a cost letter or proposal for the proposed work if appropriate based on the outcome of the consultation.
  4. There is a $2,500.00 fee for this initial consultation.

We look forward to working with you on your new venture!

Service Offerings:

Detailed below are some typical phases of work and services that may apply to your needs.

From Start Up to Commercial Food Production

We conduct one-day sessions at The NFL’s test kitchen in Livermore, CA. The session includes key members of The NFL’s team such as a chef, product developer, process developer, etc. The session’s goal is to provide recommendations for next steps on commercialization of the product, commercial formulation formats, analytical information and a preliminary description of the process.

Food and Beverage Prototype Development

The NFL creates prototypes that reflect the concept and mimic the original “gold standard” protocept/recipe as closely as possible, sourcing commercially-available ingredients and developing a commercially-viable manufacturing process. This may include:

  • Preparing small sample batches of prototype formulations using processing procedures that estimate the anticipated process
  • Conducting appropriate microbiological testing on the samples for release prior to shipping product to you for review, and filing any necessary regulatory documents for product clearance, if required
  • Providing a written report on the results of this study including formulas, ingredient and supplier information, preparation instructions, preliminary ingredient cost estimates, and preliminary nutritional information

Food Packaging Design and Sourcing

The NFL sources and recommends package design and materials, and can be utilized to review final packaging.

Co-Packer Search

We identify a short list of potential co-packers that meet the basic technical requirements and provide results for your review.

Pilot Plant-Scale Up

This stage includes preparation of samples in The NFL’s pilot plant using pilot scale industrial equipment or in your chosen pilot plant facility.

  • Conversion of laboratory formulas to plant trial formulas to replicate the products on a larger scale for troubleshooting and testing of manufacturing process
  • Use of The NFL’s pilot plant laboratory for quality testing during production
  • Conduct appropriate microbiological testing on the samples prior to release to you
  • Documentation support, including but not limited to, ingredient specifications, supplier contacts, formulations, calculated nutrient statements, preliminary ingredients costs and more
  • Develop a plant trial protocol
  • On-site plant trial support team
  • Written summary of results
  • Product Optimization – following consumer testing and/or plant trial results
  • Food Safety Assessments
  • Challenge Studies
  • Consumer Guidance Testing
  • Sensory Testing

Shelf Life Testing

Depending on the anticipated mode of failure, The NFL will design a study to aid in the business decision of end of shelf life. This study design could include microbial, chemical, physical and sensory attributes. It may also include full term and accelerated options.