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Packaging Services

PackagingPackaging is integral to new product innovation and a product’s in-market success. The NFL delivers packaging services throughout the product life cycle, from initial shelf landscape reviews, to functionality-use research during concept development, and through packaging cost reduction for in-market products. We view the product and package as a total system, and strive to optimize fit between these important elements of the marketing mix so that consumer expectations are met. Our packaging professionals are integrated into our NFL cross-functional teams to bring packaging expertise, consultation and guidance into the total solution.

Our services are multi-faceted and include the following:

  • Package Research and Performance Evaluation, including marketplace and industry trends, shelf landscape reviews across channels, key packaging characteristics, full-scale design research, and optimization strategies
  • Package Structure Design for primary, secondary and tertiary packaging, including digital design layouts, mock-ups and prototypes, and sourcing options
  • Package Graphics Consultation, including style guides, label prototypes and collateral/point-of-purchase consistency
  • Package Material Testing, including adhesive migration studies, material and thermal seal strength testing, and resin qualification
  • Package Integrity and Shelf Life Testing, including chemical migration studies, product-package compatibility assessments, can corrosion tests, gas permeability tests, flavor permeability tests, and total package leak tests
  • Packaging Compliance, including document review, testing recommendations, and compliance testing (FDA 21 CFR, Japan, EU)
  • Packaging Engineering, including line efficiency assessment and optimization, line installation and validation, pre-production pilot runs, and consulting and troubleshooting

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