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Packaging Compliance

Food packaging interaction is a critical part of the food safety and quality chain.  Whether it’s a new packaging material or a well-known material from a new supplier, it is important to understand how the food contact surface will interact with the food – and to document compliance with all appropriate national and international regulations (i.e. FDA, EU, Japan).  The NFL has over 25 years of experience evaluating food packaging and conducting migration studies for food contact notifications; as well as end use tests for national and international food packaging compliance.

Our services are multi-faceted and include the following:

  • Packaging Compliance, including document review, testing recommendations, and regulatory compliance testing (FDA 21 CFR, EU, Japan) for global migration, and Specific Migration Limits (SMLs)
  • Food Contact Notification (FCN) Migration Testing, with data packets ready to submit to FDA
  • Package Material Testing, including adhesive migration studies, and resin qualification
  •  Sensory Evaluation, using trained panelists to evaluate the aroma and flavor differences among foods exposed to different packaging materials over time
  • Package Integrity, including can seam evaluation and total package leak tests
  • Risk Analysis of Packaging Materials, using a Codex based approach to identify high risk material and develop value added testing programs
  • Supplier Verification Programs, to provide consistent confidence in material compliance from suppliers


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