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Food Process Development Services

Food Product Design, Prototypes and Manufacturing Process Development

Our team of process engineers and food scientists can play a critical role in the development and start-up of your new products and processes, or in the reformulation and revitalization of your existing ones. The NFL Commercialization team merges cutting edge science with extensive industry experience to solve your complex manufacturing and processing issues. We apply an engineering outlook to every step of the development process to ensure your products’ commercial viability. Our staff moves innovative product concepts through pilot plant trials, which simulate real-life production conditions and result in manufacturing processes which yield gold standard products, increase production efficiencies, and drive down costs. Our state-of-the-art pilot plant uses a flexible, modular design allowing experimentation on a wide range of product, process and packaging forms, all under one roof. As an FDA licensed cannery and an industry recognized Process Authority, we can batch and package foods, process them to commercial sterility then release them for consumption and consumer testing. Whether in our plant or yours, our team of experts will develop solutions for your new product and process development, start-ups, commercialization, or food safety programs. The NFL is an indispensible resource. We’re fully integrated with your project team to ensure a smooth, safe and efficient development, scale-up, and commercialization process.

Our services include:

  • Process schedule development
  • Process authority and thermal process validation work
  • Pilot plant trials
  • Equipment and systems evaluation
  • Hot fill, retort and HTST processing
  • All major commercial retorting modes
  • Cans, bottles, pouches, cups and trays. Metal, plastic and glass
  • Co-packer identification and assessment
  • Production start-up


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Food Process Development