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Shelf Life

shelf lifeConfirmation of the stability and quality of a product during distribution and storage are important considerations in marketing food products. The NFL’s customized shelf life testing programs use a multi-faceted approach. We incorporate and integrate our understanding of several expertise areas to identify all issues related to your product’s shelf life: Sensory, Microbiology, Chemistry, Food Technology, Packaging Development, and Consumer Research groups. Our results provide information that can help guide product, package, or processing modifications.

Our team is experienced at creating test designs based on anticipated modes of failure such as chemical, packaging, sensory or microbial failures. Accelerated testing, as well as full term testing, is used to confirm your product’s shelf life.

Detailed results can include:

  • Changes occurring in the product during storage
  • Identification of the critical mode of deterioration
  • Rate of product change at varying temperatures
  • Correlation of chemical tests with sensory results
  • Shelf-life of the product at different distribution conditions
  • Consumer confirmation of acceptability

For more information on our Shelf Life program and how to get started:
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