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Food and Consumer Product Development
A Rich History with Broad, Innovative Thinking
Our company combines the consulting legacies and capabilities of the National Food Lab, Food Perspectives and other industry leaders to bring comprehensive food solutions.


A Rich History with Broad, Innovative Thinking

Our company combines the consulting legacies and capabilities of the National Food Lab, Food Perspectives and other industry leaders to bring comprehensive food solutions.

Product Design

The NFL integrates consumer guidance, culinary ideation and protocepting, and product and process development to maximize speed to market and success once there. No other food consultant has our depth and breadth.

Consumer Insights & Sensory Science

Our market researchers, statisticians and sensory scientists develop and execute studies to focus your product attributes, meet market needs and beat the competition.

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Product & Process Development

Our chefs, food scientists, and chemical engineers shepherd your concept from ideation through nutrition protocepts, final product and then to process scale up, trade show samples and test market products.

Agile Innovation


Understanding and identifying possible solutions.


Identify the solution design requirements and delighters.


Translate design to scale-up and guide acceptable trade-offs.

We Have a New Logo

We Have a New Logo

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Sensory Shelf Life Testing Best Practices

Sensory Shelf Life Testing Best Practices

Have you reliably determined the shelf life of your products? In order to deliver a consistent high quality sensory experience over time, companies need a clear understanding of what impacts shelf life of their products.

The NFL provides expertise in design, management & storage, and analysis of shelf life studies to identify probable causes and timing of quality deterioration, which in turn supports business decisions that maximize protection of your brands.

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Food Pilot


Shelf Life


The National Food Lab Case Studies

A Top Multinational Food & Beverage Company

Client identified an opportunity in the cold brew coffee space, an area in which they had no experience, and they needed launch on an aggressive timeline.

Client retained National Food Lab for expertise and because we were outside of Client internal bureaucracy, allowing for speed.

Our process included Competitive Product Assessment and Rapid Protocepsection-descriptionting. We also conducted Consumer Discovery, Product and Process Development, Sample Production for Consumer Testing and Consumer Validation.


The development cycle for this product was 7 months. At test market it was the top performer in category, advancing to a successful nationwide launch.

A Leading US Food Company

Client sought to disrupt the shelf stable, ready to eat entrée meal category with technology that would allow them to deliver a new level of freshness & quality.

Consumer Advisory Panel which met once per month for four months. Compared prototypes to gold standard reference products.

Time between sessions allowed prototypes to be created utilizing new processing technology. Iterations focused on key consumer requirements of sauce adhesion to noodles, noodle firmness and color.


Final formulation near gold standard quality. Innovation protected by technical patents. Products achieved significant, sustained sales.

A Mid Tier US Food Company

Client sought to enter a well-established category and needed a meaningful point of different to gain retailer and consumer acceptance.

National Food Lab collaborated with client R&D to develop four prototypes that had a points of difference while fitting the marketing strategy.

National Food Lab executed Design Zone research including narrative descriptive, competitive benchmark CLT and focus group discussions.


Development from first prototype to final formula was completed in 4 months. The reformulated product achieved 10% increase in consumer preference.

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